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The parish of St Swithun Wells organizes and practices many pastoral care activities for the benefit of the parishioners and the wider community.  An insight into these faith based activities provide us with an opportunity to focus on the pastoral care at work in our communities.  We are therefore committed to promoting these activities to build and share our faith.  Please read the articles below and consider if you would like to support the delivery of pastoral care in the parish.

St. Swithun Wells Church - Communion for the sick and housebound

Communion  is  taken to 5/6 members of our community who are sick and housebound  on a weekly basis.  We have 5 Eucharistic Ministers who take communion to them. Most of them receive  Communion after the Word and Communion liturgy on a Monday morning.  Ideally it would be better to take communion straight after mass but as our mass is on a Saturday evening, many of the elderly are not happy opening the door in the evening.  One parishioner who nurses his sick wife and is thus largely housebound , receives communion on a Friday afternoon and a rota of 5 Eucharistic ministers take it in turn to visit him.  This way, he sees a different person every week which he enjoys, especially as he shares similar interests with some of those who visit him. Our visits combine  a pastoral visit as well as we stay and chat about life in the parish so that the housebound feel a part of all that  is going on.  We also make sure that a newsletter is taken to them.  The visits usually last around  30 minutes to an 1 hour, and are greatly appreciated. 

Holy Communion at home

The Eucharist is taken to the        housebound of the parish

Street Pastors - Eric Hyom

Mr Eric Hyom describes his Street Pastor role and the challenges and the rewards that the team experience when they are practicing their ministry.

It is such a wonderful ministry out on the streets, spreading God’s love and kindness.  Being kind and caring, and to encourage people on the streets to be kind and caring.  We have terrific battles with young people over things such as litter.  We don’t tell them off; instead we pick the litter up and put it in the bin.  The young people feel guilty afterwards, asking “let me do it”.
We need more people out on the streets who care.  One time we found a homeless girl aged 20.  The police advised her to sleep in a multi-storey car park.  We found a better solution.
Often kids don’t seem to care about each other.  There was a bunch of a dozen 14-15 year olds.  We approached slowly as we always do.  There was a girl on the floor, drunk.  Others jumping over her ignoring her.  We went straight to her, bent down and started talking to her.  The others then became aware of her and followed our example.  They solved the problem following our lead.
We get our efforts back tenfold.  We provide flip-flops for girls who can’t walk in high heels.  When we have trouble (not desperate situations, just angry people), so many times someone has been there saying “You must be nice to them: they’ve helped us out recently”.  It’s care into the community.
My skills for this role are non-existent.  I just have to trust in God.  Mimi and Joseph also here tonight are also Street Pastors.  We would really appreciate more help in the streets.  You don’t have to preach to people; they will start the chat.  Angry people end up leaving, shaking our hands.  The peace of God transcends all understanding.
Please keep us in your prayers.  If you feel called come and enquire, or search on the internet for “Street Pastors”.

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SSW Street Pastor Information

Street Pastor training starts for new volunteers on the 12th of November.  If you are interested in becoming a Street Pastor please contact Eric Hyom on 023 8064 3457, or Joseph Johnson on 023 8061 2311


SSW Street Pastors

Eastleigh Street Pastors 

National Street Pastors

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