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St Swithun Wells Fellowship - First Advent Session - by Bob Birtles


At the First Advent Session, we took a fresh look at the Meaning of Christmas.  It was a lively and very informative evening. We put “stickit” notes on to the board, each with a word representing one traditional idea of Christmas, . Then we read the Christmas story from Matthew. As a result, many of the notes were taken off because they were not in Matthew’s story. Some new ideas had to be added.  Next we put back the ideas taken away before and read Luke’s Christmas story. Again, some ideas came off and new ones were added.  Based on everything we had learned it was fascinating to look at the two very different stories – neither of which can be fully reconciled with everything we might see on a Christmas card!


> Above - Pictures of session attendees at the First Advent  Session group Next week, Wednesday December 7th at 7.45 pm, we will be looking at Advent through the eyes of Mary, while and looking at the significance of Mary’s “yes” to the message of the angel.

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