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2011 St Swithun Wells Parish Diocesan Medal Presentations

At the end of Mass on Saturday, 5th November 2011, Fr. Michael Dennehy presented diocesan medals to five members of the community at St. Swithun Wells Church. Deacon Bob Birtles called the recipients up to the altar saying that the community was delighted to recognise and thank each of them because they had seen something that needed to be done, taken responsibility for the task, and then served in their particular ministry for many years. The diocesan medal was presented to each of them as a symbol of the community’s thanks and affection.

medals medals

Therese Murray  for performing her duties as Sacristan
at St Swithun Wells
 church with great dedication and reverence. Click here for full size image.

> Pat Hill - for hosting Candlelight Prayer group in her home for over ten years. She has made people welcome, comfortable and held great parties! Pat’s hospitality also inspired her to run a lunch club. Click here for full size image.

medals medals
> Hazel Jurd- in recognition of her service of welcoming and helping with the selection of cards and items on the repository stall. Hazel has also supported Coffee Stop in Eastleigh for many years.  Click here for full size image.

> Pramilla Venkatesan - for acting as welcomer at  Mass and for being  part of the team who ensures all is made ready for Mass. She has befriended people and involved them in the liturgy. Click here for full size image.


Sonny Long
- for helping to keep up the fabric our building, and has for many years been part of the music groups both at St. Swithun Wells church and also at Holy Cross.  Click here for full size image.

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On Friday, 21 October 2011, at St. Andrew's Church, North Baddesley Rev Monsignor John Nelson VG STL JCL celebrated Confirmation Mass where twelve young parishioners received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

  confirmation confirmation_3

Confirmation_2   confirmation

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