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DISIPLE - June 2017

……..have done it again! In their second performance as a group, they overcame lack of rehearsing due to other commitments coming together literally ON the day of the performance. They overcame the obstacles of working in a Church and not a real theatre by using the space well and the facilities to their advantage AND they all had an immense amount of FUN.

Disciple was the name of this second production and it tells the story of how Jesus might choose his Disciples in 2017. Discipleship is something that is necessary in all of our communities and always will be necessary but there are many ways to go about it. In Disciple Jesus hilariously decides to hold a competition from which everyone is a winner as every one of us has a part to play in God’s plan. Every one of us has something to offer and every one of us should take that opportunity when we recognise it.

So Jesus, John the Baptist aka JB and Angel G (I’m sure you know who that is) sit on a judging panel and despite God’s best efforts to cause a little chaos by dressing up in different disguises (not very good ones!!) and entering the competition Himself, they offer wise comments and insight into the gifts of those in front of them….and indeed the audience. The Host for the Evening is Antenna Doubledecker (move over Ant and Dec!) who amuses the audience with her nail polishing at inappropriate times, failing to stop God coming on stage and being more interested in how lovely her shoes are, although she does seem to like the acts themselves!!

The acts include very beautiful and moving singing from Eli who sings from his heart about wanting a family and a home. He sings Jess Glynne’s Take me Home accompanied by Jess Glynne (which I thought was very generous of him…..to share the stage!). There is a hugely talented Single Mum called Violet Beauregarde who has a way with a majorette baton, whose baby morphs into a gorgeous 6 year old and the scene was danced out very thoughtfully. Speaking of dancing, there is also a dance at the start illustrating that the Flame of our Faith is still alive and flourishing but it needs us (you) to keep it alight.

Music by Blur, Clean Bandit, Cold Play and Bon Jovi, plus some Graham Kendrick and Oslo Gospel Choir, and of course the X Factor theme tune rounded off the production nicely. The props used are simple and inventive, with left over pizza boxes from the team’s lunch that day for debris on the old Travelodge site where Jesus was born in the Gift.

So in the end, Jesus, JB and Angel G find people….normal, ordinary people who need a relationship with God and a community but who also have a lot to give in return because we all know that every relationship needs nourishing. The “D Factor” ends with Jesus and God leading us in singing the words “Come, now is the time to worship…..come as you are…give your heart”.

Like last time, SWAG wanted to raise some money and this time they chose Brendoncare which is a local charity who cater for the residential and social needs of the elderly and those suffering from Dementia. The young giving to their elders. Natasha Haji from Brendoncare writes this: “what a wonderful show! Due to the generosity of the congregation, we raised £359….an amazing total for such a short time”……the production lasted about 45 minutes. Wow!!! On top of that, Lloyds Bank have doubled it with what they call “match giving”, a scheme which selects different charitable organisations to support (via the staff on the ground floor) when fund raising of all types takes place. £718. Double Wow!!


Joanna Azavedo-Parker
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