Past Events - April 2012


CATHOLIC BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE OF ENGLAND AND WALES - Briefing  for Parishes on Same sex Marriage Consultation - April 2012

What does it Mean and What Can Catholics Do About It?

A Briefing Note for Parishes on Same - Sex Marriage Consultation.  For more details  Click here

A Petition for Marriage
to her Majesty’s Government?
  Find out here.


St Andrews Congratulates Marathon Man

Christopher Brown achieved a very respectable time of 3 hours 24 minutes and 16 seconds. Thanks to his incredible effort and his sponsors He raised nearly £500 pounds for the Daughters of Wisdom fund for leper colonies.  We at St Andrews are all very proud of Christopher .He has spent most of his life as an Altar Server at St. Joseph's and St. Andrew's church!


The SSW Easter Passion Play - (video below)


LENT/EASTER, 2012 MASSES. click here


Stations of the Cross -
for Children & Families
- Click here for details