Past Events - June 2010

1st Holy Communion Joy at Bishop's Waltham

A Happy Month of June for two Meon Valley Families

The Nellist and Moritz families are good friends and both live in the Meon Valley. Emily and Grace are even in the same class at school. So it was tough luck they could not celebrate their First Holy Communion together and on the same day. Trying to get all their family and friends, several from overseas, on one Sunday proved impossible!

But they prepared for the important day together and were given kind guidance and gentle instruction by the best in the business - Luciana O'Neill - Head of Catechetics in Bishops Waltham.

Sunday 6th June. Emily Nellist at the alter with Luciana O'Neill and Fr John Buckley.

Sunday 20th June. Jonathan and Leonore Moritz with Fr John Buckley and their two daughters, Grace and Aoibhe.

St Edward's 1st Holy Communion Celebration



Celebration Mass for our Clergy and the completion of Year of the Priest


The Pastoral Area came together on Wednesday 9 June to celebrate and pray for our priests and for vocations to the priesthood. St Edward the Confessor Church was full as our three active and three retired priests concelebrated the Mass accompanied by our three deacons and one ‘nearly’ deacon. The priests were invited to renew their commitment to service and at the end of Mass a slide show reminded everybody of what our priests take on at ordination through scenes from Fr Michael and Fr George’s ordination on the 20th anniversary of their ordination. The spontaneous applause for all the priests at the end was a real sign of the appreciation of everybody for their dedicated ministry and service.”


This is 243 years of priesthood and service.

The Year of the Priest
Reflections from Father George

ou may not be aware, but this year has been dedicated as the Year of the Priest. Co-incidentally,
Father John is marking his 45th anniversary to the Priesthood and Father Michael and I are also celebrating our 20th anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood. In total that is 85 years experience of ministry.

When I reflect on the past 20 years I am still in awe and encouraged by the people I meet who have to live with their own brokenness. Maybe it is because I can empathise with them. I guess we are all broken in our own individual way. Things do not always go the way we plan. Not that we don’t try to make them work. Somehow, well made plans make us feel better, more presentable, more acceptable. Bad things happen, life turns left, plans, dreams, relationships break and shatter. Hearts are broken. When this happens to me I want
it all to go away. Truth be told sometimes I deal with my own fear of brokenness by trying my hardest to fix other people. I should know better. I have two great teachers. Love and suffering.

If the Lord gives me another 20 years as his priest I pray he will give me the courage to embrace life on life’s terms. Some years ago, while visiting a hospital, a stroke patient told me “Father, this isn’t where I expected to be. My vision of myself and my life didn’t have this”. Can you relate to this insight? I can. No matter how life is going for us we can always try to pray.

With this in mind it is proposed that we have 40 hours of continuous prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament beginning on Tuesday, 4 May, following the 10am Mass at St. Andrew’s Church,
North Baddesley, and concluding on Wednesday, 5 May, with Mass at 7pm. Each of the six churches in the Pastoral Area will be invited to take responsibility for a given amount of hours. I can think of no better way than to celebrate the Year of the Priest than by praying for your priests before the Blessed Sacrament during this time.

It is also hoped that we will have an art competition for the children on the theme of “The Year of the Priest”. All other realistic ideas will be most welcome. Please do not leave it to others to show your support for the Year of the Priest.

Father George.

Do you have a vocation to the priesthood
or becoming a Deacon , Nun or other religious life?

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6th June - First Holy Communion Joy and celebration at Holy Cross, Eastleigh

Here are the children with Father Michael, Deacon Paul and their Catechists.


The children of St Joseph's, Romsey and St Andrew's, North Baddesley


On the 6th June, The Feast of Corpus Christi, eleven children from St Andrew's and St Joseph's churches received their First Holy Communion from Father George Lyons. This was an amazing moment which no words can express, let their souls rejoice and let the grace of the Lord be with them.