Our Groups and Clubs

There are many groups and clubs that meet across the parish. These groups are open to welcoming anybody from within the parish who would be interested in getting involved. Some groups are more social, others more focused on prayer & spirituality, while others look to caring for those in particular need in the community.

Please browse the list below for more details on specific groups and clubs.


Description: Committee of volunteers dedicated to organising social events across the Parish.
Church: Parish-Wide.
Contact: St. Andrews - Margaret O'Donnell - 02380269752 profactltd@aol.com
St. Joseph - Graham Alldred - graham.alldred@ntlworld.com
Holy Cross - Val Talbot- 02380620423 - talbot_val@hotmail.com
Maureen Burnet - 0771016813
Maureen Westwood 02380692682 - westwoodmaureen@gmail.com
St. Swithun Wells Anne Monaghan - 07962016682 - anne.monaghan@outlook.com
Moira Harfield - bobmoi@tiscali.co.uk
Our Lady QA Joanna Somerville. joannasomerville1@hotmal.com
St. Edwards Lorraine Clapham -lorraine.clapham@btinternet. 07584084816
Chris Barber - crbarber@btinternet.com , crbarber@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk
Carole Roe

200 CLUB

Church: St Swithun Wells & Holy Cross
Contact: Ted Dunne - 023 8178 0630


Description: Weekly coffee mornings following Sunday Mass across the Parish.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: St Andrew’s & St Joseph’s - 01794 513646, St Edward the Confessor - Susan Johnston - 023 8026 9049, St Swithun Wells - Alain Hunt - 023 8060 1362, Holy Cross -
Kath Cunningham - 023 8061 6340, Our Lady Queen of Apostles - Jenny Beckett - 01489 691459.


Church: St Swithun Wells & Holy Cross
Contact: Shirley Griffin - 023 8061 6901


Description: This Club is held in the Resource Centre behind Holy Cross Church, Eastleigh, for parishioners over 60 years of age. The meetings are held fortnightly on Mondays from 2pm-4pm.
Church: Holy Cross
Contact: Maureen Westwood - 023 8069 2682


Contact: St Andrew’s & St Joseph’s - 01794 513646, St Edward the Confessor - Pauline Parsons - 023 8027 3882, St Swithun Wells - Pat Baggott - 023 8069 4060, Holy Cross - Linda Roberts - 02380 658339, Our Lady Queen of Apostles - Pat Taylor - 01489 877771.


Description: Finding, loving and serving God in our neighbour is fundamental to the work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVP), an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing direct pastoral assistance to anyone in need.
Visit www.svp.org.uk for further information.
Church: St Joseph’s
Contact: Diana Schimmer - 01794 513646


Description: A group of volunteers who visit the sick, the elderly and housebound.
Church: Our Lady Queen of the Apostles
Contact: Lily Willis 01489 783595


Description: A ministry reaching out to non-church going and church-going Catholics. KIT’S aim is to contact, welcome and keep in touch with all local Catholics, whether or not they go to Church. It offers those who wish, an opportunity to explore their faith and today’s Church. Church going and non-church going Catholics meet together for 7-8 weeks in small laity led groups.
Questions are asked, difficulties dealt with and today’s Church learned about in a friendly, informal atmosphere, without the need for anyone to commit
Church: Parish-Wide.
Contact: St Joseph’s & St Andrew’s - Sheila and Denis Keefe - 01794 518071, St Edward the Confessor - Geraldine Hayes, St Swithun Wells & Holy Cross - Lynnette Washford - 023 8061 8542.


Description: Churches Together in England is the national body set up by the churches in 1990 has 32 Member Churches or Councils of Churches and 27 Bodies in Association. Churches Together in England is a visible sign of the Churches' commitment as they seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another, and proclaim the Gospel together by common witness and service. Its strength comes from people from different traditions finding new ways to work and worship together.
Contact: St Joseph’s - 01794 513646, St Andrew’s - Ann Heslop - 023 8073 442, St Edward the Confessor - Paul Carmody - 023 8061 5373, Holy Cross - John McGhee - 023 80611868, St Swithun Wells - Alain Hunt - 023 8060 1362, Our Lady Queen of the Apostles - Morgan O’Connell - 01329 832231.


Description: The Wishing Well exists as part of Holy Cross and St Swithun Well’s Catholic Churches Covenant with the Poor. The seed was sown by Father Paul Beaumont in 1997. Throughout the year the parish fundraises in many different ways and this money is added to the Wishing Well. During the summer an advert is placed in the local press. The advert invites people, who need financial help for their particular group, to bid for money. The bids are posted to the team and are considered carefully. We are sponsoring as Catholics but not necessarily Catholic groups. They do, however, need to promote care and justice in our local area. The money is used to brighten people’s lives in Eastleigh – loving our neighbour in action! During October the groups, along with the parish, are invited to come along to Holy Cross Church and Father Michael presents the cheques.

The well is then empty and needs to be replenished - another year of fundraising
begins! Each year we raise over £5,000. Among the many who ‘draw from the well’ are: Hampshire Association for the Care of the Blind, Eastleigh Sunday Lunch Club, Careers Centre Eastleigh, Hard of Hearing Club, Velmore Residents Association, Age Concern, Eastleigh Bereavement Service, Eastleigh Friends of the Handicapped, Home Portage Group, Bishopstoke Good Neighbours Scheme, KUDOS Employment, MENCAP, Deaf Children’s Society, Faith and Light Eastleigh.
Church: Holy Cross & St Swithun Wells
Contact: Carole Clarke - 023 8067 7245, Moira Reynolds - 023 8036 8736, Brian Forrest - 023 8025 5051, Alain Hunt - 023 8060 1362


Description: The Catenian Association provides practicing Catholic laymen and their families with friendship, social activities and support. It provides an opportunity to mix with other Catholic laymen in business, commerce, education, public service and the professions. Members offer each other spiritual and practical support in times of difficulty or need. They also provide collective support for the Church and clergy.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: St Joseph’s & St Andrew’s - George Wysocki - 023 8026 9752, St Edward the Confessor - Tony Wilson - 023 8026 6617 , St Swithun Wells & Holy Cross - Mike Walsh - 023 8061 8659, Our Lady Queen of Apostles - Terry Butler - 023 8046 4632.


Description: The APF assists each and every one of the Catholic Church’s 1,062 mission dioceses and territories to provide pastoral care and preach the Gospel effectively.It was founded in Lyons, France, in 1822 by a young French woman, Pauline Jaricot. A century later, when the organisation was established in almost every country of the world, Pope Pius X1 made it the official mission-funding society for the Catholic Church. The APF works in England and Wales with the Mill Hill Missionary Society. In England and Wales funds for the Missions are collected through the famous Red Collection Boxes. These can be found in 200,000 homes and they have helped raise millions of pounds for the missions. The APF enables its supporters to live out their own missionary vocation and to take an active part in the universal mission of the Church of Christ.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: St Andrew’s - Patrick Coughlan - 01794 515851, St Joseph’s - Patrick Coughlan - 01794 515851, St Edward the Confessor - Helena Bedford - 023 8027 4232, Holy Cross & St Swithun Wells - Alain Hunt - 023 8060 1362, Our Lady Queen of Apostles - Marie Kemp - 01489 893328.


Contact: Angela Russell-Smith – 01794 340403


Description: The above are an Order of Catholic laymen dedicated to supporting the Mission of the Church and the spiritual and material good of members and
their families. The Knights of St. Columba is a non-political order. Activities include - assistance with parish work and events as requested, Community Service, help with our youth, Charitable Service, organising social events, fundraising for the Priests Training Fund and selected local and national charities, lobbying MPs on moral and social issues. We are family focused so our wives and families join us in many activities, and we support each other’s families in times of need. Members meet monthly - with spiritual discussion led by our Chaplain. We pledge to follow the Church’s teaching in matters of Faith and Morals.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: St Joseph’s & St Andrew’s - Graham Alldred - 01794 517360 and David Martin - 01794 511883, St Edward the Confessor - Roger Wood - 023 8025 3993, St Swithun Wells & Holy Cross - Sonny Long - 023 8069 4190.


Description: Wisdom Centre is a ministry of the Daughters of Wisdom in Romsey. It is a place of welcome and hospitality for everyone in our Parish - somewhere to drop in for personal time and space or to join others in one of the programmed
retreat days. The labyrinth garden is open for a meditative walk during daylight hours. The Centre is also available as a venue for staff away-days or in-service training.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: Wisdom Centre, Wisdom House, The Abbey, Romsey, SO51 8EL. Telephone 01794 830206 or email . www.wisdomhouseromsey.org.uk.


Description: CAFOD, the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, has been fighting poverty in developing
countries since 1962. As well as supporting issues concerning justice and peace. CAFOD works alongside people in need in 75 countries supporting1000 projects. This Covenant with the Poor is irrespective of race, creed or colour. The main income comes from the twice yearly. FAMILY FAST appeals and these provide CAFOD with a central fund which enables it to respond immediately to emergencies and disasters. In addition, CAFOD supports ongoing projects and
St Edward the Confessor parishioners are at present helping to support a small village called Puentecitos, situated to the west of El Salvador, near the border of Guatemala.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: St Andrew’s & St Joseph’s - 01794 513646, St Edward the Confessor – Clare Lasker- 023 8025 2138. St Swithun Wells & Holy Cross – Alain Hunt – 023 8060 1362, Our Lady Queen of the Apostles – Gill Overton – 01489 893412.


Description: Fairtrade status was granted to the Parish in 2006. Fairtrade is the movement funded by a group of charitable organisations (including CAFOD and
OXFAM) which promote the sale of goods made by people who promise to offer a fair deal to their employees and donate a premium to them as a share of the profits which they can use to benefit their community. We are lucky to have a shop in Shirley, Southampton, which stocks innumerable products made by registered fair-trade companies throughout the world. By promoting fair-trade in our communities we can help those in the developing world to improve their wellbeing and make their own choices and not be exploited by large companies. We serve fair-trade refreshments wherever possible and hold events to promote education, Fashion Shows, Café Events and occasional sale of goods.
Church: Parish-Wide.
Contact:  St Andrew’s & St Joseph’s - Elaine and Arthur Roberts - 01794 513646, St Edward the Confessor - Phyllis McGann - 023 8026 7331, St Swithun Wells & Holy Cross - Alain Hunt - 023 8060 1362, Our Lady Queen of Apostles - Gill Overton - 01489 893412.


Church: St Swithun Wells & Holy Cross
Contact: Trisha Holmes - 023 8069 3669 and Angela Ranger


Description: St Swithun Wells Fellowship Group is open to everyone in the Parish. Meetings are held every Wednesday during term time at 7.45pm and end approx 9.30pm.  The aims are to develop a stronger sense of community, to provide a focus for developing prayer and liturgy, to share faith and develop a greater understanding of what it means to be Catholic in today’s world. Refreshments are available during the evening.
Church: St Swithun Wells
Contact: Peter Baggott - 023 8069 4060, Steve Holmes - 023 8069 3669 or Deacon Bob Birtles – 023 8069 2416


Description: An organisation providing help with pregnancy, pregnancy loss and fertility problems - confidential counseling.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: Southampton Care Centre - 023 8033 5193 or Free Helpline - 0800 915 4600 or Text to Talk - 07786 200 330.


Description: Marriage Care is a nationwide charity that provides marriage preparation, relationship counselling, relationship education and a telephone helpline.
They also offer general support and advice to those who want to marry or enter long-term relationships.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: Southampton or Winchester branches – 0800 389 3801


Description: The CFH Caring Fellowship is a Diocesan organisation which aims to provide spiritual and practical help to families with children or young people who have physical or mental disabilities. Membership is open to all who are interested in or affected by disability.
Church: Parish-Wide.
Contact: St Andrew’s & St Joseph’s – Sister Catherine - 01794 513646, St Edward the Confessor – John Williams – 023 8026 0061, St Swithun Well’s & Holy Cross – Alain Hunt – 023 8060 1362, Our Lady Queen of the Apostles – Terry Butler – 023 8046 4632,


Description: Transportation service to Masses across the Parish.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: Ted Dunne - 023 8178 0630


Description: Community bus jointly run with St Swithun Wells Parish and St Swithun Wells Catholic School. Available for Parish activities.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: Deacon Paul Owen - 023 8065 8251


Description: Faith and Light is an international community movement bringing together people with a learning disability, their families, carers and friends, particularly young people. This group meets on the fourth Saturday of the month in the Cloister of St Edward the Confessor Church in Chandler’s Ford, at 2.30pm, for prayers, music, tea and occasional outings.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: John Williams - 023 8026 0061 and Carole Clarke - 023 8067 7245.


Description: Luncheon Group for those who live alone or are lonely. Originally started 20 years ago as a coffee morning by a parishioner, Alice Terry RIP, and
now run by Pauline Wilson. Catholics and non-Catholics are welcome. The group meets on the first Tuesday of every other month at 12.30pm at ‘Keats’ Restaurant in Ampfield near Romsey. Transport can be arranged if needed.
Church: Parish-Wide
Contact: Pauline Wilson - 023 8026 6617.


Description: Mums and Toddler Group which meets every Tuesday morning during term time from 10 am to 12 noon. Mums are welcome to bring their babies and toddlers along to meet other mums. Toys, stories, music, crafts and more, including refreshments.
Church: St. Edward the Confessor
Contact: Chandlers Ford Parish Office - 023 8027 3882.